If yes, we have a Reseller Program that will work for you! We value our resellers as important partners in our business model and recognize different resellers have different needs. After years of providing value-added reseller programs, we are confident we have the right reseller program for your needs, and are excited to offer these flexible options:


Build your marketing and consulting business with a private labeled loyalty and gift card solution that you price, sell, service and support, all under your name and brand.  

The sky's the limit under our enhanced white-label program.   Exploit over a decade of work that has gone into building our loyalty marketing products and reap the benefits now with a healthy residual monthly income! Under this program, you set the retail prices for your market and have full control over client billing, allowing you to determine your profit margins with no limits imposed by us.   You'll also benefit from deep discounts on supporting card orders!

Why not bypass years of investment and development time and 'Proceed to Go'; we have already done the ground work for you! You're the marketing expert.   It's time you had the right technology to support your business!  


Earn residual income doing what you do best; acquiring leads and closing deals.   This program allows you to focus on your core strengths without the overhead of billing clients and providing training and support.   Let us handle the aftermath of providing superior loyalty service, setting up the client software, employee training, on-going support and billing.  


Looking for an internal sales position within our company, earning a reliable base salary plus an ongoing residual commission of 20% for each license sold, for the life of your employment?   Within the first year of participation as a Sales Affiliate, agents who have demonstrated a sufficient capacity to perform may be offered the opportunity to join our internal sales staff!   Inquire for details.


Below you will find a side by side comparison between the two reseller programs currently being offered for Preferred Patron&%trade; Please review the details of each and contact us with any additional questions you might have.
Commission Paid Up to 25% of retail 1
(paid monthly)
Reseller buys wholesale @ $99.95/mo
Participation Fee
$250 startup
$5/mo participation fee
(Covers demo license)
$5,000 startup
$99.95/mo participation fee
(Covers demo license)
License Retail Preferred Patron™
Retail Pricing
Set by Reseller
($149/mo minimum)
(reseller buys wholesale @ $99.95/mo)
Licenses Included Demo Demo
Billing By Preferred Patron Loyalty Reseller Direct
Reseller Markup No
Standard Retail
Reseller Manages Billing
License Holder Merchant Reseller
Brand Sold Preferred Patron White Label
Plastic Cards 10% Commission on Retail 30% Discount on Retail
Available Programs Any Reseller Configures
Startup Training "Remote Dial-in"
by Preferred Patron Loyalty
Reseller Provided
Premium Training $50 per ½ hr Reseller Provided
Support Included Reseller Provided
Support Contract Included Reseller Provided
Reseller Support Included Included
Reseller Training Included Included
Tablet Fees $29.95/mo
rental fee to client
(per tablet)
$250.00 per Tablet Kit
(tablet, stand, kit)
Reseller may markup
Kiosk Fees $39.95/mo
rental fee to client
(per additional kiosk above the one included)
1   25% commission applies for the first 5 years and is reduced to 5% thereafter. Commission applies to retail prices of $149/mo and higher for software subscriptions. Commissions are calculated on software subscriptions only (excludes hardware, cards, email, sms and thirdparty fees), and are computed on the balance collected after deduction of payment processor fees. Commission on lower retail prices is retail less payment processor fees less $59.95.  Commissions will continue for as long as Sales Affiliate remains an active sales affiliate and client remains an active client. A Sales Affiliate is deemed inactive if they fail to sell 2 new licenses over a 12-month consecutive time period. Commission, for any given sale, will terminate for Inactive Sales Affiliates. If Sales Affiliate becomes inactive, Preferred Patron Loyalty reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to continue or discontinue Sales Affiliate relationship. Client is deemed inactive once their account enters the cancelled status or is no longer funded. Commissions terminate immediately upon client termination. Over-compensation for terminated accounts will be reimbursed from commissions paid on the next billing cycle after client termination.
2   Eligibility to participate subject to approval. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Participation requires a minimum license quota of 30 sustained licenses at an average price point of $99.95/mo, commencing start of year two and 50 sustained licenses, commencing start of year three.


Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your business. Submitting an application only takes a moment. One of our representatives will contact you to review our various program options and answer any questions you might have.

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