Reseller Application Earn residual income doing what you do best; acquiring leads and closing deals.  This program allows you to focus on your core strengths without the overhead of billing clients or providing training and support.   Let us handle the aftermath of providing superior loyalty expertise and service, setting up the client software as well as providing employee training and on-going support.

Earn a five (5) year residual commission1 on each license sold!


Outside Sales Reseller Program You participate as an independent sales agent selling our brand and we pay you a monthly residual commission for up to five years on each license sold, starting on the close of the first month.

Our brand is offered in a few flavors: Preferred Patron™ Bronze, Silver and Gold   Each level has been structured with the customer in mind, offering customers with simpler needs the option to benefit from our program at reduced cost in comparison to our full service Gold solution.

Your only focus is on acquiring leads and closing sales; we provide the loyalty expertise, the program setup, billing, all processing and service, as well as the technology, tools and associated training and support.


Explore more details about participation in our outside sales agent program and see how the program compares to our white-label reseller program.
View our side by side program comparison here: compare reseller programs

1 Commissions will continue for five (5) years for each license sold, as long as Outside Sales Agent remains an active sales agent and client remains an active client. Outside Sales Agent is deemed inactive if they fail to sell 2 new licenses over a 12-month consecutive time period. If Outside Sales Agent fails to meet said quota, Preferred Market Solutions reserves the right, at it's sole discretion, to continue or discontinue Outside Sales Agent relationship and associated commissions. Client is deemed inactive once their account enters the cancelled status or is no longer funded.

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