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NORTHFIELD, NJ - December 21, 2012 - Preferred Market Solutions, LLC., developers of Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Software Program with Integrated Email (, announced today they have received accreditation from SuretyMail, an Email Accreditation service of ISIPP (

"SuretyMail is happy to welcome Preferred Market Solutions as its newest member", says Shannon Kellogg, Customer Service Manager at ISIPP.

Preferred Market Solutions is a rewards software program software provider.  "Our Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Software Program gives businesses of all sizes a high quality and competitive rewards program.", says Brett Perlman, Preferred Market Solution's Managing Member.   Brett additionally says, "The success of our Loyalty Software Program depends on having multiple channels of communication available to our merchant clients, including built-in email capability as well as integrated SMS text marketing and direct mail options.   As such, achieving better-than-average inbox placement for email communications is key to our overall rewards program success, so we felt an investment in our email deliverability was essential."

Looking to ensure the best possible email delivery for their clients, Preferred Market Solutions came across SuretyMail.  "SuretyMail was affordable and seemed worthwhile", says Brett.   Impressed by the accreditation process, Brett goes on to say that, "SuretyMail reviewed our business and email practices, checked our third party references and are now standing behind our email practices as approved in accordance with industry standards and best practices."  

When asked if there was anything else he would like people to know about SuretyMail, Brett said, "We feel having SuretyMail backing us gives us a competitive edge over our competition.  Having received accreditation from SuretytMail, we firmly believe we have satisfied our primary object of providing our customers with better-than-average inbox placement for email, as evidenced by recent email open rates toping 50% as compared to an industry average of only 15% to 20%.  

"We look forward to your success, Preferred Market Solutions!", says Shannon.

ISIPP Publishing, LLC
The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (formerly known as The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy) is dedicated to providing analysis, information, and consulting on industry issues relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, email deliverability, and the Internet.   ISIPP also provides a widely-used email senders accreditation service, SuretyMail, and organizes and sponsors industry forums such as email management roundtables, email deliverability summits, and Internet law conferences.

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