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Why should you consider a Gift Card Program?

Gift Card Software Video • Gift cards establish brand awareness
• Popular with customers
• Customers often spend more than the amount of the card
• Great for store credits - never give cash back
• Add more value and use cards over and over again
• Better than paper gift certificates
• Gift card recipients often become new, loyal customers


FACT:  Consumers prefer plastic gift cards over paper gift certificates. 
FACT:  Plastic gift cards, electronic gift cards, and more importantly, reloadable gift cards will let you participate in an estimated $55 billion per year sales industry! 
FACT:  You can eliminate cash back.  One of the most obvious benefits of the plastic gift cards and stored-value cards is never having to return cash to the customer on remaining balances and merchandise returns. 
FACT:  Consumers are more inclined to pay full retail price for merchandise when paying with gift cards.  The "gift" aspect loosens consumer perspective on card cash value. 
FACT:  The majority of shoppers agree that gift cards are a cool gift, because recipients can choose what they most want, indicating that gift cards are a desirable gift to give and receive. 
FACT:  Not having to give cash back results in reduced theft.  Additionally, paper gift certificates are prone to poor record keeping, theft and fraud. 
Q:  Is my data protected?
A: Yes.  Your data is stored offsite, at our remote data center, where it is protected against system crashes, viruses, power failures and more. Read all about our data center here.
Q:  Are there any setup or activation fees?
A: There are no setup fees for the Preferred Patron™ software subscription. There is a card production setup fee of $75.00 per custom card design. This is a one-time fee paid for each custom design. Subsequent re-orders of the same card design do not incur any additional setup fees. 
Q:  How quickly can I get started?
A: Immediately! Your account will be activated upon completion of your subscription and directions are supplied instructing you how to download and register the gift card software. Plastic Cards are typically delivered in less than 10 business days from when your artwork is submitted and you approve your design.
Q:  Are there monthly transaction limits or any other kind of limits imposed on Gift Cards? Is there a catch?
A: There are no gift card transaction limits or limits on the number of gift cards you sell or reload. Period. No Catch. Reporting is unlimited as well.
Q:  If purchasing plastic cards, am I limited in gift card quantity or selection?
A: Absolutely not!  You can purchase as little as 500 cards or as many gift cards as you need and sell, sell, sell!  Order small supplies specifically branded for certain occasions.  Choose from our wide variety of stock artwork or send us your own.  It's that simple. 
Q:  Do I have gift card design choices?
A: Yes.   Most customers choose to provide custom artwork for a custom card design. For those looking to a standard design, we have a wide variety of quality gift card designs to choose from.   Gift cards are 30 mil, printed in full-color front and black back.  Your merchant name and address can be included on each gift card. 
Q:  Can card holders look up their account balances and transaction history on the Internet?
A: Yes.  Every subscription comes complete with an online MyGiftAccount™ web site for online Internet access. Your MyGiftAccount™ web site hosted on our servers where your members can access their current account balance and view past transaction history. 
Q:  Can I sell Virtual Gift Cards (aka Electronic Gift Cards) on over the Internet?
A: Yes.  We offer an extended service with the MyGiftAccount™ web site. Using this service, additional features are enabled on the MyGiftAccount™ site to allow your customers to purchase gift cards online and email the account information to the recipient of their choice. The purchaser receives a confirmation email detailing the nature of the transaction as well. This service involves payment collection and processing through PayPal, using a PayPal Merchant account directly established and maintained by the merchant. For all virtual cards sold and reloaded through this service, the standard PayPal fees are incurred. Contact us for more information if this service is of interest to you. 
Q:  I only want Gift Card processing.  Do I have to buy the Loyalty Marketing Program too?
A: Yes, our solution is sold as a bundled package. You can choose to only activate the gift card portion of the software or you may leverage the added benefit of a fully integrated and feature rich loyalty marketing solution. Bundling gift cards with our loyalty marketing solution is a value add for you, that enables you to put an identity to every gift card sold, access gift cards by customer name, create spending accounts or savings clubs as well as sell products and services as pre-packaged offering and track them against a gift card. Together you have much more than a traditional gift card management system, typically limited to anonymous "same as cash" type cards.
Q:  I am interested in Loyalty Marketing? Do I need plastic loyalty tags too?
A: You have program options available to you.  (1) You may purchase Loyalty Tags at the regularly advertised prices from us or from a 3rd party plastic card supplier.  (2) Alternately, you may operate a cardless loyalty system by using your members' phone numbers or name to look up and work with the member's account.
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