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Tablet Loyalty Program

Tablet Loyalty Program


Perhaps the most popular kind of loyalty solution in use by thousands of businesses today! Tablet loyalty programs are attractive to businesses, small and large, because they ease the burden of capturing customer enrollment data and provide customers with direct access to loyalty benefits. Our Preferred Patron™ Tablet Edition was designed by our team of usability experts specifically for use by your customers and is fully touch-screen compliant, with clear, easy to use and intuitive screens. Best of all, there is no hardware to buy. Every tablet subscription comes with one tablet plus commercial quality stand!

Watch our 15 minute video presentation, above, to see if our Tablet solution is the right solution for you!


  1. Unlike others, with Preferred Patron™ you own your data. Many "common card" competitors retain exclusive ownership, title and interest to all the data collected through the tablet and customer e-mail addresses are actually concealed from you!
  2. Unlike others, with Preferred Patron™ you have the option to run a completely private loyalty program and can even choose to use your own privately branded loyalty cards or you can operate using phone# or e-mail address.
  3. Unlike others, we don't restrict, screen or limit the amount of e-mails you can send through our system. You have direct access from the administration area of the tablet to send your e-mails blasts with the content you choose, whenever you choose!
  4. Unlike others, your e-mails are branded as yours and not as "Preferred Patron" communications. Your e-mail templates can even be custom designed for the ultimate in exclusivity and professionalism!
  5. Unlike others, with Preferred Patron™ you have the option to send bulk SMS text messaging blasts, directly from the administration area or your tablet!
  6. Unlike others, the Preferred Patron™ system will leverage trigger based transactional SMS messages, included at no charge.
  7. Unlike others, with Preferred Patron™ you may process Gift Cards using the tablet (you can even add/decrement funds to loyalty cards). Gift Card processing is included with your subscription!
  8. Unlike others, with Preferred Patron™ you have complementary use of our WebDesk cashier web interface. Using the WebDesk, cashiers can process transactions on behalf of customers, do advanced member lookups and searches based on first name, last name, phone, etc, issue points for monetary spend instead of only for visits, as well as perform all transactions that can be performed on the tablet!


The tablet is designed to be situated in a high traffic, customer accessible area. The basic goal of the tablet is to transition tasks such as new customer enrollments, account inquires and even offer/reward redemptions away from the cashier. The customer simply scans their membership card at the tablet (or mobile number or e-mail) and complete the enrollment process. Of course, customers automatically receive any enrollment incentives you have in place. Once enrolled, customers may check-in on every visit to your business and gain points for visiting. You define the amount of points issued for each visit and the threshold period of time between visits. Customers can view past transaction and redemption history, modify their personal information, view the status of their account and most importantly, they can even claim rewards they have earned, right from the tablet. It's that easy. In the simplest form, the cashier never needs to logon or access the Preferred Patron™ system... now that's self-service!

Benefits Include:
  • Self-managed enrollments
  • Self-managed reward redemptions with voucher generation
  • Self-managed incentive offer redemptions with voucher generation
  • Automatic printing of Referral vouchers (with optional blue tooth receipt printer)
  • Redemption of referral vouchers
  • Customer profile self-maintenance
  • Account status lookup, including current point balances and eligible offers and rewards
  • Viewing of past loyalty account activity, including past sales and redemptions
  • Visit based point accrual system
  • Secured logon access via card scan with security pin codes
  • Option to operate a card-less system using mobile number or e-mail address
  • Secured idle time out to protect patron information if inadvertently left unattended
  • Fully touch-screen compliant
  • Run on a standard Windows PC and full fledged Windows 8.1/10.0 tablets
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