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Plastic Rewards Program Cards & Plastic Gift Cards

Loyalty Tag, Rewards Card and Gift Card Options


Half of all consumers carry loyalty cards or tags on them every day.   Whether it's a restaurant VIP card, a grocery discount card, or a gym membership card, loyalty card programs are popular marketing efforts that promote loyal buying behavior.

Simply put, plastic loyalty cards add value to loyalty programs.   They promote your business to the customers who use them, and friends who see them.  They offer free advertising in a wallet or on a key chain.   Sure you can save money using cheap paper punch cards, cardless or mobile based schemes, but that comes at the loss of significant marketing potential.  

When powered by Preferred Patron™, loyalty cards become effective data gathering tools that provide merchants with the ability to enhance customer service.


Our custom plastic gift cards are a better alternative to antiquated paper gift certificates. They're more durable and mainstream in the industry today.  

Custom plastic gift cards are visually pleasing, making for a perfect display item at the point-of-purchase.  

Why give back cash on paper gift certificates?   Why tolerate the fraud inherent in paper certificates that are not tracked, hence not secured, by a database program?   Plastic gift cards are simply the better alternative!  

Fraud and loss are non-existent with our Preferred Patron™ database driven card tracking.   Our gift cards are integrated with our Loyalty Marketing system to provide enhanced tracking capabilities, including the account holder's identity.   Additionally, cards can be reloaded with additional funds at any time and, with an associated customer identity, can now double as spending accounts or savings club cards.

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Our plastic cards are extremely durable, in fact they are the most durable on the market today.   They are first printed on a plastic-like substrate which is then laminated, producing a durable, flexible product that will not fade or crack over time.  

Preferred Patron™ plastic CR-80 card, card/keytag combo, and keyfob configurations include:

  • Card thickness at 30 Mil
  • High-res bar coding and random numbering
  • High-res personalization using customer supplied artwork
  • 4 color front, black back
  • High-gloss film lamination
  • Options for signature panels
  • Options for magnetic stripe encoding
Click here to download our Card Layout & Design Specifications document

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