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A World-Class Loyalty Solution

Bronze, Silver, Gold Editions


If you want to recognize your customers based on their monetary spend and purchase behaviors, then you'll find that our Bronze, Silver or Gold solution is the ideal choice! Each solution offers a diverse array of capabilities which grow incrementally with each edition. Our Bronze edition serves as a very capable entry point to introduce loyalty to your business while our Silver edition is streamlined to be our mainstream offering, ideal for most businesses. For the utmost in an uncompromized solution, our Gold edition is unmatched and is sure to be a fantastic solution for even the most demanding of businesses! Our Platinum service extends these capabilities with expert-level program management by our staff, handling the effort of administering the program on your behalf.

Keep in mind, regardless of the solution you choose, our team of loyalty experts want to ensure you get the most out of our solution and we will be there to guide you and support you, anytime you need it. You are never alone! Support is only a phone call or e-mail away, and included free with every subscription we offer.


  1. You have a complete loyalty solution which includes unlimited reward levels with automatic membership advancement between program tiers coupled with a vast collection of incentive based marketing capabilities.
  2. You own your data. All your data is accessible to you and can be exported any time you need it using our built-in reporting and extraction features. Your data is protected in our secure tier 1 cloud and will never be abused, used or sold.
  3. You have a completely private loyalty program with privately branded loyalty cards or you can operate using phone# or e-mail address.
  4. We don't restrict, screen or limit the amount of loyalty e-mails you can send through our system. Silver Editions and higher have unrestricted access to our built-in WYSIWYG html e-mail editor and scheduler! All e-mails are delivered directly from your loyalty database and filtered to your members based on customer segmentation, region, past purchase behaviors, gender, age and more.
    E-mail marketing is fully integrated and dynamic. There are no recipient lists to upload; there simply are no hassles!
  5. Your e-mails are branded as yours, not as "Preferred Patron" communications. Choose from our vast library of e-mail templates or custom design your own.
  6. You have the option to send and schedule bulk SMS text messaging, directly from your loyalty database, filtered to your members based on customer segmentation, region, past purchase behaviors, gender, age and more. Mobile marketing is fully integrated and dynamic. There are no destination mobile numbers to upload each time; there simply are no hassles!
  7. Transactional SMS Messaging is fully integrated, allowing for increased member engagement through inbound SMS messages. Members may text in action words, such as SAVINGS to see daily specials, REMINDME to receive information on planned events or ENTERME to enter your sweepstakes program. The system will also leverage trigger based messages, included at no charge, to help members maintain accurate and complete profile information.
  8. Gift Card Processing is included! Gift Cards can be sold anonymously, or associated to membership accounts. They are also not limited to cash value; they can contain bundled services and products as well.
  9. You have a proliferation of technology and interfaces to work with, such as our Windows PC interfaces, our Tablet Interfaces and our platform independent Web browser interfaces!


The Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions are designed to be operated by your cashier. In many cases, the system can be integrated to receive data directly from your point-of-sale system. The software also co-exists nicely with most Windows programs and can even run on a Mac using Safari or other web browser. It's that easy.

Benefits Include:
  • Rewards program (aka points program)
  • Vast library of loyalty marketing strategies
  • Built-in promotion manager and designer
  • Integrated e-mail marketing with no extra fees
  • Integrated SMS text messaging
  • Options for direct mail rewards vouchers
  • Real-time feedback using receipt advertisements
  • Real-time reporting and ROI business analysis
  • Automated data reports e-mailed regularly
  • Customer issue management & resolution follow-up
  • Self-serve customer-driven & tablet/kiosk software
  • Gift Card management and processing
  • Supports multiple business locations with various pooling options
  • Windows, Web browser and mobile interfaces available
  • Secured tier-1 Cloud data storage
  • Transparent POS, PMS and DMS integration (for supported systems)
  • RESTful API for additional systems integration
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