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Loyalty Program Press Release

Loyalty Program & Social Media


NORTHFIELD, NJ - May 4, 2011 - Preferred Market Solutions, LLC., long-standing specialists in Loyalty Programs, today unveiled a unique twist to Social Marketing, by exploiting the viral potential integral to Social Media for use in Referral Marketing. This innovation will let companies exponentially increase the power of traditional "word-of-mouth" referral advertising, turning countless social interactions into opportunities to grow their business and strengthen customer relationships.

"By now, we are all familiar with the success and impact Social Marketing has had in connecting friends and family, but how many businesses truly understand how it can help them? They know Social Media is hot but they really don't know how to exploit its power. So what do they do... 'LIKE us' (we don't really know how that helps our business but we would appreciate it if you did!)", says Brett Perlman, Managing Member and Chief Marketing Officer. "We see all kinds of attempts by Marketing companies to tap into this boom, but many fall short of innovations beyond the basic LIKE.".

"At Preferred Market Solutions, we took a step back and asked, 'What is this Social Media craze really about?' and we realized we were in a unique position to really tap into this phenomenon in a unique and powerful way. Using our loyalty program, businesses implement a Referral Marketing campaign backed by the distribution power of Social Media. Our system does all the traditional work of communicating the referral incentives, rewarding members for their referrals and tracking the campaign progress and now, with Social Media, members who receive these promotional communiqués can choose to 'spread the word and refer-a-friend' using the power of Facebook Share, Twitter, Linked In, Digg and more.", says Brett. "One mouse-click by the member is all it takes to post a specially crafted message from the merchant to the social media world, enticing them to the merchant's store with special incentives."

One great example would be a simple Birthday recognition promotion common to Loyalty Programs. The merchant expresses appreciation to their members on their birthday by providing them a small birthday gift as a token of appreciation for past business, and sends the offer in a targeted email. Additionally, the merchant piggy-backs a special communication designed specifically for Social Media distribution. Our Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Program provides some suggested content, such as "It's my birthday and the folks at Store ABC are offering all my Facebook friends a free appetizer with dinner in celebration! Just print out this post and stop in!". That post contains a special barcode that contains all the information necessary to enroll the new guest in the store's loyalty program, issue the guest a loyalty incentive offer for having responded and credit the referring loyalty member with their referral compensation offer! How cool is that? "Pretty darn cool and pretty powerful too", says Brett.

By coupling social media sharing options with our loyalty based Email promotions, we are taking our Loyalty Program one step forward in the evolution that is upon us. Social media has quickly become the most popular digital touch-point for customers and prospects alike. When integrated with a company's Loyalty Program, companies suddenly have a very powerful tool in their arsenal to help them achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening customer relationships and growing their business!

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