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Loyalty Program Overview

Best Loyalty Customers

It's About Building Customer Loyalty, One Customer at a Time!


Preferred Patron™ comes complete with just about every imaginable loyalty marketing strategy you can think of.   With a tool-set this vast, how far you take your rewards program is limited only by your imagination!   For those out-of-the-box thinkers, we even have a built-in custom campaign rules designer, allowing you to build a campaign using your own business rules!   Below are just a few of the many strategies built-in and ready-to-go:


Offering an incentive for customers to participate in your loyalty program is an effective means to build a quick, complete customer knowledge-base.   Customer's receive a token offer for enrolling, giving them immediate gratification for sharing their personal information with you!   Our trigger based rules engine recognizes new enrollees and will automatically issue them a welcome communication, re-affirming their program participation and answering additional questions they might have.


Points are the new craze!  Well, not really all that new.   Rewards programs based on point accruals have been a successful loyalty scheme exploited by major airlines, credit card providers and large retail chains for the past decade.   Now, with Preferred Patron™ you can do the same!   You'll see the buzz in the atmosphere and appreciate the additional business that comes with it.  Create multiple reward schedules for different classes of customers and setup escalation rules to have customers automatically advance between schedules, based on spending and visit behaviors you define. Create extra excitement by offering bonus points to spur up activity during typical off-peak hours. With the Preferred Patron™ rewards program, you enjoy unlimited reward levels, unlimited rewards schedules, conditional bonus schedules as well as merchant specified point earning rates and reward costing rates! Basically, you have complete flexibility.


Points-based rewards programs are great and work well for most businesses, but sometimes, cash back simply rules!   We recognize the need for Cash Back Rewards and Cash Incentives, so we have introduced several cash back capabilities that may be used to supplement or even replace the more traditional points-based reward.   Capabilities include Cash Vouchers for points earned, delivered automatically via e-mail or direct mail, Cash Awards for attending events or buying specific products, Cash Incentives for any promotion you operate and, of course, Cash Back on qualifying purchases!   The best part is, this is all completely tracked and managed using built-in cash accounts associated to each loyalty member!


Mystery rewards are a fantastic way to engage your customers (both members and non-members alike), increasing in-store foot traffic as well as program membership! Introduce the element of surprise by issuing secret codes to your customers, for which they must engage to reveal their mystery reward. Customer's don't know their reward until they take action to reveal it, either using an in-store loyalty kiosk (tablet), at the point-of-sale when paying or, if you elect to allow online reveals, using a special web page dedicated for mystery code lookup! Mystery codes may be exported for use practically everywhere imaginable. Print them on product packaging, on scratch off cards, under product caps, on transaction receipts or send them to your customers using e-mail or even SMS text messaging. Our Mystery campaign offers the flexibility you need, such as unlimited rewards definitions, including cash and point rewards, associated expiration dates, multiple methods of distribution, and in-store vs online reveals!


Loyalty is about keeping relationships personal!   What better way to recognize your customers than to honor their birthday and anniversary.   That extra special offering to them on their birthday, wedding anniversary or membership anniversary will go a long way toward future business!


Sincerity goes a long way to earning customer trust and appreciating your customers is a perfect way to show it!   With the Preferred Patron™ Rules Engine, you can appreciate customers based on engaged program participation, frequency of visits and/or purchasing behaviors.


No business wants to lose customers but most, if not all, do!  It's inevitable.   So maybe you can't stop attrition but you can certainly take actions to reduce it, right?   The Preferred Patron™ Rules Engine is watching and listing real-time, looking for possible defectors!   It will identify customers whose visit frequency has declined and take immediate preventative action.   Once in action, you'll learn the reasons why your customers choose to leave you and, hopefully, seize that moment to recover them!


Encourage your most engaged customers to share their positive experiences by rewarding them for each new member they refer to your loyalty program!


Implement a Raffle promotion as yet another interesting way to entice customers to visit more often.   Customers earn raffle entries based on purchasing behaviors and visits.   No purchase necessary options also provided for legal compliance!


Interactive customer surveys are a great way to learn what you are doing right as well as what you are doing wrong! Let your customers tell you how to improve. If asked, most are more than happy to share these insights with you. Of course, asking for customer feedback can be imposing and many will avoid traditional requests to take a survey... but that's where Preferred Patron™ makes a real difference! By combining your survey requests with member incentives, you just might get too much feedback! After you have authored your survey, customers are targeted based on demographics and purchase behaviors. Surveys are taken online; requests can be e-mailed, SMS text messaged or issued transactional via special survey codes!


Electronically issue and track discount coupons as well as measure print ad effectiveness.   Coupons can significantly influence customer spending behaviors and are an important element to a loyalty program.   Now, with Preferred Patron™ the issuance and redemption of coupons are electronically tracked and measured, providing insight to your ROI and eliminating problems with traditional coupons, such as employee abuse, counterfeiting and overuse. Track Print Ad ROI by including in your print ad a coupon code that readers can provide to receive the associated offer. By using different coupon codes in different print ads, you can get solid insight into which ads were most often acted upon.


Give back to your local community, schools and churches!   Businesses who support their local community are looked upon favorably.   Our Give-Back programs allow small percentages of customer sales to accumulate into a charitable donation fund, payable to their chosen organization.   Capture concentrated business from local little league teams, churches and schools as customers choose to divert their patronage to you, as they know they will receive a direct benefit!


Have ideas of your own?  With the Preferred Patron™ Promotion Designer, you can simply create your own promotion based on business rules to set.


Gift Cards are a valuable component to your overall marketing success!  Use them in the traditional, monetary way or pre-load them with funds and associate them to a loyalty member, creating a Spending Account. Spending Accounts work great for Country Clubs as well as Christmas Savings Clubs.


Packages are fantastic ways to pre-commit consumers to future purchases. Create a package of any combination of goods and services and offer them as a bundle! Preferred Patron™ will manage the creation of your packages as well as the consumption of those packages by your customers over time. Additionally, your customers may track the usage of their packages directly from their member web portal, 24/7. A typical example would be "buy 10 products for the cost of 9" but the possibilities are limitless!


Just about everyone today engages through Social Media. With Preferred Patron™ you'll be able to encourage your customers to leave reviews on the various Social Review sites, such as Google+ and Yelp as well as provide point incentives for members to Like your Facebook page or Tweet something special and even Follow you on Twitter. Social media hooks appear in our online web portal for easy access by your customers.


Leverage the power of Interactive SMS Messaging to track Print Ad Exposure. Include a special SMS action word in each Print Ad offering an associated points incentive to text it back! This will allow you to effectively measure your ad exposure. Those campaigns that are not driving traffic can be dropped at renewal time so you can focus your marketing investments on media that works best for you!

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