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Preferred Patron™ Cloud

Loyalty Program Data Center

Know your loyalty and gift card data is safe and secure!

As a customer of Preferred Market Solutions, we promise to take precautions to safe-guard and protect your data. You can read additional information regarding our privacy policy here. All your data is managed using cloud technology at two geographically separate, high security data centers, redundantly mirrored in real-time and backed up every few minutes, safe guarded from viruses and most significantly, safe guarded against system crashes.  In the event your PC workstation crashes and needs re-installation, you only need to download and re-install the Preferred Patron™ software, enter your license keys and all your data is available again!


Preferred Market Solution’s leverages a relationship with Equinix IBX in Ashburn, Virginia and DATOTEL in St. Louis, Missouri for our data centers and Rackco in Northfield, New Jersey, for cloud management and data center support.  We only use certified technicians to assure security and quality of service 24/7/365.  Equinix IBX and DATOTEL are neutral world class Data Centers which meet the strictest requirements in the industry today, as follows:
Loyalty Data Centers Equinix Loyalty Data Center Tour
  • Conditioned Redundant Power N+1
  • Redundant cooling N+1
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
  • Secure access
  • Monitored Video Cameras
  • Access to Tier 1 Providers
  • Flood Control
  • Earthquake Compliance
  • Emergency Plans
  • Disaster Recovery


We only use dedicated Dell PowerEdge rack servers which we purchase in pairs, own and have shipped to Equinix and DATOTEL for co-location hosting (see Colocation). Servers are mirrored, redundant database rack servers, including:
data center servers
  • Multi-core, Multi-processor Xeon CPUs
  • Redundant power supplies, redundant network cards
  • RAID Stripped Solid State (ssd) Disk banks
  • SQL Server database mirroring technology
  • ‘Best in Class’ failover recovery
  • Continuous backups stored ‘off-server’
  • Data encrypted with SSL (Secured Socket Layer) security


The physical security of these two data center facilities is of highest operational priority. Each data center utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility, including customer cage areas. All areas of the center are monitored and recorded using CCTV, and all access points are controlled. Each data center is staffed with 24-hour security officers to augment physical security features, providing financial-grade protection of your mission-critical data operations. Visitors are screened upon entry to verify identity, and in shared situations, escorted to appropriate locations. Access history is recorded for audit by customers, as needed.

Loyalty Data Center Security
  • On-site security 24x365
  • Doors and cages, secured with biometric hand geometry readers
  • Kinetic locks on all closed cabinets
  • Fully anonymous and window-less IBX exteriors
  • CCTV digital camera coverage of the entire center, including cages
  • Bullet-resistant exterior walls
  • Concrete bollards/planters as outer perimeter boundaries
  • CCTV integrated with access control and alarm system
  • Motion-detection for lighting
  • Equipment check upon arrival
  • Shipping and receiving area walled off from co-location areas


Take an interactive tour of the Equinix IBX Facility: Read more about the DATOTEL Facility:
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