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360° Branding

360 Degree Branding


Your brand is important to your success, and while many loyalty platforms on the market today advocate the promotion of loyalty through use of their brand, we disagree! We see this more and more with the proliferation of "common card" rewards systems that have become popular among small merchants today. Many of these systems simply produce no results, some actually produce negative results. After all, the point of a loyalty system is not to participate in a common program with your competitors and simply discount your prices. No, it is much more than that, and it all starts with maintaining your brand!

We are of the opinion that it's vital to have every point of engagement with your customers reflect your identity and brand, not ours. With Preferred Patron™ behind the scenes, your brand will maintain its consistency and value throughout.


360° branding is a marketing strategy that takes into consideration the brand identity you have established for your business and works to ensure that your brand is on the minds of your customers as much as possible, whether they are in-store or out-of-store. If your business is new, this is especially important, as your brand needs to be present everywhere to build that successful brand image!


We put your identity and brand everywhere possible! Here are a few of the areas that will work toward that goal:
  • Rewards Program Name That right, your program should have a name that speaks to your image. While it would be great for us if everyone named their rewards program Preferred Patron™, that would do little to build and maintain your brand!
  • Member Web Portal Your members should have an online website they can go to, any day any time, to check on their account and see promotions and rewards they've earned. Not only should this portal reflect your identity and logo, it should have a color scheme consistent with your website as well.
  • Rewards Cards While use of plastic cards do carry additional expense and are technically optional, their value should not be under estimated. We still live in an age where the idea that mobile apps can replace plastic rewards cards is idealistic and not practical for many reasons, not to mention, mobile apps are actually more cumbersome and time consuming than a key-fob on your key-chain! All that aside, the value of your brand on consumer key-chains is huge! (Assuming it's your brand and not some common card system promoting the loyalty vendor's brand, that is).
  • Kiosk Better known today as customer-driven tablet loyalty programs. With Preferred Patron™, if you leverage our Tablet Loyalty program, it will prominently display your program name and logo as well as a custom introductory screen of your choice.
  • Communications Communicating with your customers, in-store and out-of-store, is vital to a successful loyalty program! With Preferred Patron™ those communications will come from your business, talk only about your business and reflect your business brand. This applies to any communication, whether it be e-mail, SMS messages or direct mail.
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