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Preferred Market Solutions, LLC.

Loyalty Marketing Company Info


Founded in 2004, Preferred Market Solutions, LLC. is a leading provider of Loyalty Program and Gift Card Program software and services throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. We offer cutting-edge systems and marketing services to loyalty program resellers and clients world-wide. Our Preferred Patron™ loyalty platform has been helping businesses, small, medium and large, succeed across many diverse industries, including automotive, retail, restaurant, gaming, hospitality, health care, dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetics & aesthetics, salon & spa, gas station & convenience store, college & university, health & fitness, entertainment, golf resort & country club, and cafe & pub.

We are a privately held, self-funded company. This means we work hard for our clients, not our investors. We pride ourselves on our successes as demonstrated by our vast track record of positive customer feedback. We encourage you to explore the volumes of clients willing to submit positive testimonials regarding their experiences with us!


The Preferred Patron™ platform was initially launched in 1997, by Christopher Sylvestri of IS Solutions, as a desktop software application designed to allow a small businesses to compete in the loyalty arena. In the mid 90's, loyalty marketing was popular at the airlines and a few major retail chains but the technology was still in its infancy and simply not tangible for the Small Business owner! The drive behind Preferred Patron™ was to take the concepts of loyalty marketing and encapsulate that power into a desktop application.

It wasn't long after product launch that popularity set in and interests peaked by potential investors and partners who recognized the untapped power that was unleashed! In stepped Brett Perlman, entrepreneur. Brett's unparalleled enthusiasm was intense and his ideas were exciting.

In 2004, a partnership between Brett Perlman and Christopher Sylvestri was formed, operating under Preferred Market Solutions, LLC. With the birth of this new partnership came the birth of a new solution, called Preferred Patron™; a new, more powerful and flexible offering, now formulated as a managed solution, hosted at our data center and bundled with supporting marketing services!

Since our inception in 2004, the original desktop solution was deprecated and the new managed model dominated as the new Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Program Solution! This solution quickly proved itself not only capable of addressing the loyalty marketing needs of the small business owner, but medium and large sized business too. Today, our Preferred Patron™ technology is offered at various levels, allowing us to continue servicing the needs of the small business owner yet scale to the needs of the larger player.


Brett Perlman

Managing Partner, Sales

As an entrepreneur and early visionary in the 80's, Brett co-founded Pearl Productions and Pearl-Hunt Advertising, bringing national television commercial production and advertising to the heart of Miami. His many successes have been recognized throughout the industry, winning Addy's and Clio's for his work, which included national brands such as Ford Motor Company. Among Brett's many other accomplishments includes the launch and success of his own restaurant franchise. It was during this time Brett developed a realization of the importance of customer retention and the gap that existed in the market for such a solution. As an visionary and entrepreneur at heart, Brett sought to address this gap, joined forces with IS Solutions; his vast background in marketing and business experience were key in the commercialization of Preferred Patron™, resulting in the leading solution for loyalty marketing today.


Christopher Sylvestri

Managing Partner, Technology and Development

In 1990 Chris founded IS Solutions, a technology consulting firm focused on project management, database design and software development. With over 25 years experience leveraging cutting edge technologies to bring high-end software solutions to market, Chris has developed a keen sense of what it takes to deliver commercial grade, user friendly, software. His extensive knowledge of database and user interface design was vital in shaping our Preferred Patron™ product, in terms of intuitiveness, ease of use and scalability. In his current role, Chris leads the technical development and oversees design, implementation and support of all Preferred Market Solution's products.


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